Spoon Fed no. 7

Sunday 2 June 2013, 4pm
at the SOUTHBANK, Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1DB

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Image of Spoon Fed no.6 at The Parlour Showrooms

Join us for an afternoon of ambitious projects, valuable connections, new ideas, generous donations, useful conversations and, of course delicious soup. This simple soup supper and arts micro-funding event has been running since February 2012 and has helped to connect artists with fellow practitioners as well as with audiences who want to support what they do.

For artists, Spoon Fed offers a platform for sharing your works-in-progress, for meeting collaborators and for discussing what you do with a broad audience. While winning the money is obviously brilliant, the events are also a great opportunity to swap skills and resources with peer practitioners. Becca Rose took part in Spoon Fed no. 4 and wrote on her blog afterward:

"The event was great for making new contacts. In 3 minutes the whole room had been introduced to your ideas, and were invited to ask questions in the break. I met the very enthusiastic Michael who makes robots for NASA using the same materials I am going to use in my book (this is so exciting!). I shall be finding out more about the materials Michael uses this week, and hopefully he’ll be able to advise me on the next steps – what an amazing outcome!"

For audience members, this is a simple and direct way for you to support emerging arts practice in Bristol. 100% of your donations go directly to the winning artist (as chosen by your votes), and the ideas shared give you a sneak peek into what's happening within Bristol’s vibrant cultural scene, and what's coming up. Your £5 donation might seem small, but it contributes to a substantial pot of money that can make a big difference to the realisation of an artist's project.

Spoon Fed no. 6 winners Artist Meets Curator will feed back on the exhibition that their grant helped make happen, and writer Holly Corfield Carr will read her new story 'Lazarus Bell' which they commissioned for that project.

Plus, there's delicious soup and bread for everyone!

Spoon Fed no. 7 Proposals

  • Bella Kinetica :: Lisa Truscott
  • Remain Present :: Seila Fernandez Arconada
  • U.Dance Gala :: RISE Youth Dance
  • Roborigami :: Ad Spiers
  • The Softening of MAO-A :: Tom Bailey
  • The Octo-Bustle :: Kelli Des Jarlais
  • L_ve Hangman :: Mufti Inc.
  • Work Ethic :: Fiona Winning
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    We are inspired by and part of the international Sunday Soup network. Spoon Fed is produced by the Collect and it is a Guttural Olympiad legacy project. Spoon Fed no. 7 is generously supported by Mark's Bread, SOUTHBANK and Bristol Sweetmart.