Spoon Fed No. 7

Happened on Sunday 2nd June, 4pm, at Southbank

The following projects were shared at the event:

  • Bella Kinetica :: Lisa Truscott
  • Remain Present :: Seila Fernandez Arconada
  • WINNERS: U.Dance Gala :: RISE Youth Dance
  • Roborigami :: Ad Spiers
  • The Softening of MAO-A :: Tom Bailey
  • The Octo-Bustle :: Kelli Des Jarlais
  • L_ve Hangman :: Mufti Inc.
  • Work Ethic :: Fiona Winning
  • We are inspired by and part of the international Sunday Soup network. Spoon Fed is produced by the Collect and it is a Guttural Olympiad legacy project. Spoon Fed no. 6 is generously supported by Mark's Bread, The Parlour Showrooms and Ashton Fruit Shop.