Spoon Fed No. 6

Happened on Sunday 3rd March, 4pm, at the Parlour Showrooms

From the presentation Artist Meets Curator

The following projects were shared at the event:

Melting Metal :: Ore and Ingot

Welcome to the Dollhouse :: Creative Carnival

I didn’t see you there :: Anne Deeming

WINNER: Artist meets Curator :: Charlotte Hetherington

King of Ubu :: Hannah Clark

The End of the World in Little Stretton :: Ratupadraynpipe Theatre Co.

Winners Artist Meets Curator. From left: Gemma Wright, Holly Corfield Carr and Charlotte Hetherington

We were also delighted to welcome the Bristol Improv Network, who shared a sneak peak of their new work, ahead of their festival (3 to 10 March)

The Bristol Improv Network sing about Sundays

And, we heard from Martha, Alice and Hannah from The Parlour Showrooms, who won £165 at Spoon Fed No. 5 in December to support their Lightbox Series: Wednesday Windows. The project ran throughout January and shared this video of the events with us.

We are inspired by and part of the international Sunday Soup network. Spoon Fed is produced by the Collect and it is a Guttural Olympiad legacy project. Spoon Fed no. 6 is generously supported by Mark's Bread, The Parlour Showrooms and Ashton Fruit Shop.