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making fourbeatwalk better :: fourbeatwalk

We would like to pitch an idea for making fourbeatwalk better.

fourbeatwalk are: two fine art graduates who design, illustrate and print in Nottingham.
We put together "Hello Thorzine" the publications sold by Hello Thor, and
we help out with the well established Jumpers for Goalposts night (designing a poster, making a prize to be given out, the occasional DJ spot which allows DJ Hoof to put little records on at the wrong speed).

We need: around £150 to buy screen printing equipment - especially screens and water based ink to print on fabric. We think this is the next step for fourbeatwalk to be able to take designs onto t-shirts and whatnot.

A big part of what we do is about working with other people and groups, and we hope that in the long run, we will be set up to allow us to help people with small printing projects for exhibitions and events. For example- if someone wants to screenprint a few t-shirts for a gig, or a covers for a zine, or posters for a night then we want to be able to provide them with a space to be able to do that.