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LAN Party :: Vanilla Galleries

LAN Party is an experimental exhibition produced by Vanilla Galleries.

We are an artist collective who work together on the development of exhibitions, research and practice. Together with CUSP we run Two Queens. This is a large exhibition and studio space in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

We are going to be holding a LAN party in Two Queens where you can have a death match in Two Queens. We’ve been creating a virtual model of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter which will be used as the setting for several different game types and hosting various virtual exhibitions. These virtual exhibitions will be housed mainly in the virtual Two Queens and will hopefully cause some tension between the players desire to kill other players for points as well as just exploring the exhibition.

We are holding a BETA version of this event on 27th September. Computers will be networked by LAN and there will be a live soundtrack.


Any funding we can raise will be put towards the rental of extra computers for the night so that more people can play, and also the rental of a PA system so that the musicians can play.

If we were able to raise more money we’d also like to produce a publication alongside the event. It would be good if we could cover the printing cost of this.


The event on the 27th is the beta. After this we plan to develop the game further for a longer LAN party at the beginning of next year. Everyone from the Spoon Fed event can come along to the beta and play the game. We’ll be developing the publication after this initial test.

The attached pictures are from the game. It’s still in the very early stages. The pictures show the Two Queens gallery space, a view from above of 1/3 of the Cultural Quarter and a view of the Phoenix cinema which is just across from Two Queens. (For the Spoon Fed presentation we could provide more screen shots or maybe a fly-through of the whole map and some exhibitions.) / @vgrulesok / @parisoir

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