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Lady Off :: Beth Bramich

I would like to launch a night called Lady Off, an all female DJ extravaganza!

The event would be a one-off to showcase the talents of female DJs in the area (Nottingham and Birmingham) with an aim to get more interest in the model and get more gigs in the future.

The money (I would hope for around £100-£150) for the hire of equipment and travel expenses, would match the (potential) fee paid to the Lady Off DJs by the venue.

DJs I have in mind: Liz Rowe and Cheryl Jones (Birmingham), Emily Wilczek (Nottingham), Alice Gale-Feeny (Nottingham), Beth Bramich (Birmingham).

Potential venues: One Thoresby Street (Fundraisers- maybe try to get every female member to do a set?), S1 Artspace (to coincide with upcoming all female exhibition).

I'd also be really keen to find other people who would be interested in playing at the first event or in the future. The aim is to put a fantastic set together, with a majority mix of female artists.

Beth Bramich

You can see a video of Beth's work on her website at:
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