Spoon Fed No. 7
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Work Ethic :: Fiona Winning

The project is called ‘Work Ethic’ and my current focus is interviewing people and recording their response to the question ‘How do you approach your work?’

I want to present a collaborative exhibition that includes pre- recorded interviews, live interviews and other creative interventions for audience participation.

People will be invited to be interviewed, to be interviewers and participate in the other research activities in the exhibition that will include an aspiration booth, comments board, and ‘interview the artist panel’.

The ‘Lets Work’ Show
an interactive inter-media exhibition about aspiration

Imagine a large interior divided into four sections corner to corner-
In top left, an interview booth, in bottom left, a dressing up booth, in top right, video screens with chairs, in bottom right, audio headphones with comfortable chairs. In the middle of the space a magnificent Aspiration Booth.

1. Interview booth- people sit with an interviewer and talk about the work that they do. This is recorded either by video or audio. These recordings will be archived, to be presented later.

2. Dressing up booth- people dress up in the clothes of different jobs, and then interviewed about how they feel dressed as a............

3. Video screen, or individual TV’s on stands, showing pre-recorded interviews of people talking about their work

4. Audio chairs, a listening area where you can listen to people talking about their work.

5. An Aspiration Booth for people to embellish with their aspirations so that it shines and shimmers.

I am bothered about a statistic that suggests there are 1 in 4 people under 25 who have never worked. Where’s their aspiration?

It bothers me that there are families down a road comprising of three generations who don’t work. Where’s their aspiration?

It bothers me that my fear of failing stops me from being aspirational. Where’s my aspiration?

We ‘work’ for different reasons, - our circumstances, upbringing, what is the aspiration?

The money from Spoon Fed No 7 will be used to:
Make the first ‘Booth of Aspiration ‘ that will be set up as a pop up somewhere in a high street to promote the exhibition so it has to have a ‘wow’ factor look.

Anything else I want to say:
I want to develop projects that expand my practice into the area of social engaged work, I am interested in providing opportunities for people to tell their stories, where listening can take place, encouraging emotional intelligence and aspiration.