Spoon Fed No. 7
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L_ve Hangman :: Mufti Inc.

What is your project?
L_ve Hangman is an interactive installation, re-imagining the classic game as a macabre life-sized sideshow.

Poised by an 8 foot gibbet, a game show host invites you to choose letters and solve a mystery phrase. At the player's first mistake, a disembodied human head appears in the noose. With each further error a puppet body takes shape, limb by limb, just like the paper version.

L_ve Hangman was initially commissioned by Wednesday Windows at the Parlour Showrooms, Bristol, a Spoon Fed funded initiative. With minimal advertising, people soon got wind and a raucous smiling crowd formed. For a couple of hours on a small corner of a busy Bristol street, people marching home heads down from work stopped to play a game, van drivers at red grinned, groups of tourists laughed.

Due to the success of Hangman, we have decided to carry on working together under the name Mufti Inc.

We create theatrical installations that rediscover the simple enjoyment of classic kids' games as a collective experience for all ages, bringing passers-by together in the spirit of healthy competition and happenstance.

Hangman is the first game in the Mufti compendium, a calling card to build our reputation. Future projects include Massive Battleships, Shop Window Beetle Drive and a digital fancy dress Consequences. The shows will travel to national festivals and beyond. They will be built and rehearsed in Bristol, working with local designers, builders and performers.

How would you use the money, bearing in mind that the amount of funding can vary greatly?
Wednesday Windows was a prototype. It was fun and proved the piece would work. However, we made the whole set and the first puppet ourselves (we called him Francesco) with just £50. We're enthusiastic, but let's just say that we weren't top of the class in art. We want to work with a great designer (Cori Boner) and give her a materials budget to work with. We need to rebuild. It needs to be tourable, durable and safe. It also needs to look great, so we can build our reputation and attract bookings to pay performers.

With Spoon Fed funding we would buy materials for the all important signage (Hangman is played as a dumb show) as well as a new puppet. The new centrepiece, the new Francesco will be a bit like the second terminator in comparison to Arnie: faster; stronger, less prone to bad acting; he’ll also be able to be manipulated from behind a curtain, and have a range of outfits for bespoke events.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
We are booked into Smoking Puppet Cabaret at Shambala, and have been approached by other festivals.

We are developing our ideas about how the game works, and with support from Bristol Ferment in July, will be spending some time on the ins and outs, and experimenting with a larger Game Show version.

Video of Wednesday Windows Hangman