Spoon Fed No. 7
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Bella Kinetica :: Lisa Truscott

What is your project?
The circus company Bella Kinetica was founded in 2008 by Lisa Truscott and Jessie Rose. They specialise in aerial and roller-skating acts, using character, comedy and choreography to enhance their work. The duo have achieved critical acclaim by winning both The Stage's 'Win-A-Gig' competition and the Emma Insley Aerial Creation Award.

Our current project is a circus theatre show, performed entirely on roller-skates and in the air. Two women revisit the interweaving stories of their past lives and loves; from the post-war optimism of the late 1940s to the domestic realities of the 1950s and beyond.

Bella Kinetica aims to stage a production that combines circus disciplines with traditional theatrical devices, with a cast of four physical performers to create a new and innovative piece of theatre that tells a moving story. With evocative use of recorded memories and music from the era, we aim to give the audience a new perspective on the enduring friendship of women throughout their lives.

Bella Kinetica is exploring truly new ground in this production. Circus engages audiences in a way that is totally different to traditional theatre, giving people a new experience in which skill and a sense of danger are tangible elements in the storytelling. Shows entirely on roller skates are very unusual, especially from a circus angle, and combining it with aerial work is also new territory.

We want to bring circus to a theatre audience and theatre to a circus audience, plus people unfamiliar with both who are drawn to the subject matter. The unique combination of skills and story-telling will engage all kinds of potential audience members, offering them something new and spectacular.

How would you use the money?
We would like to use this money to have proper costumes made. We are currently using dresses from charity shops which aren’t perfect and when doing scratch performances we are aware of this. We feel if we had proper costumes we would be making better use of scratch performance in terms of video and photographs from these events to publicise our show for future work.

Circus costumes are a little more difficult to make as we want them to look like normal dresses but then when we go upside down they need to look like they are supposed to be like that. Currently, when we go upside down the audience gets a view of our black leotards underneath!

If the fund isn’t enough to fulfil this aim then we will either adjust our costume ideas to make them cheaper, or add to the pot ourselves. If we have money left over we will then either use it for travel to get to our next scratch performance – at Postcards Festival in London - or save the leftover amount for future hair/costume products or photographer/videographer at this event to gain promotional material to publicise the show. How ever much the fund is, we will certainly make the best use of