Spoon Fed No. 6
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Melting Metal :: Ore and Ingot

Ore and Ingot is an artist-led initiative based in Bristol. We are interested in the art of melting metal and want to share this process, as it is normally shrouded in mystery.

We want to build a series of hand powered machines that take aluminum cans, dry them, shred them, squash them and melt them into ingots (solid bricks of metal). These ingots will then be fed into a furnace and transformed into other forms such as tankards, signs and sculptures.As part of this ritualistic process the audience are encouraged to help, by adding their own offerings to the furnace. This creates a community around an object and helps the audience to understand this amazing process.

All of this apparatus will be completely portable so it is possible to travel to different locations and up-cycle this abundant waste material.

The money from Spoon Fed would go towards the creation of these machines and help us to find the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way of constructing them. We have already made a travelling bronze foundry and have cast bells in different locations around the UK.
Ore and Ingot is not funded, so this opportunity will help us to further develop and share our skills and these ancient arts. We hope to take these new machines to several UK festivals and art gatherings as well as Nowhere Festival in Spain this summer.