Spoon Fed No. 6
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King of Ubu :: Hannah Clark

King of Ubu, March 31st at the Southbank Centre Bristol

Working with collaborative visual arts, theatre, live music and participatory workshops. I am re-working the pre Dadaist Alfred Jarry play Ubu Roi to be staged in the Southbank Centre, Bristol. The performance, newly entitled King of Ubu, will reach a new audience for Jarry’s work and contemporary participatory arts. The play is an investigation into participatory arts.

On the lead up to the show are free acting workshops at the Southbank Centre to build: participation in the arts, improvisation skills and confidence. The people participating in these will also be given tickets to see the Ubu play.

Along side the workshops. I am commissioning Helibase, a music based art collective to produce and lead the 20 piece absurdist orchestra that accompanies the play and commissioning a local illustrator to create the workshop and performance poster.

The production involves 20 actors and 20 orchestra members. The orchestra is being commissioned in response to the original text of the real and imagined instruments that Jarry wrote for the play. It involves mass participation from both artists and the general public. Many people are also giving there free time to help produce the set and costumes.

I have applied for funding from different areas and am waiting on responses, however I still need a pot of money to cover material costs for the set which will give the production it’s visual identity. It’s a very exciting project which so many people will benefit from, it just needs a little more financial support!