Spoon Fed No. 6
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Welcome to the Dollhouse :: Creative Carnival

We are looking to cover the funds needed for the venue hire (£250).


The event will be structured around the band Doll State, a new Bristol based electro band. Their music will be the foundation for performers to spring board off and experiment with new acts. The final performance will be a combination of a gig and circus show, bringing the audience into a new world and an original experience. The band will perform in the middle of the performance space, with a different act per song performing while the band plays. This will lead to a big finale where all performers will collaborate for the last song.

The band, performers and the organisers will all work closely to create this performance. It will expand the idea of what a ‘gig’ is meant to be, as well as giving performers the chance to experience a new type of music, and to perform with a live band.


• To develop contacts between the circus and music circuit in Bristol.
• To offer a new band an exciting new gig opportunity.
• To reconnect the performers with the idea of playing with their acts.
• Creative Carnival gains more of a directive and theatrical role, and creates a visual and aural feast!
• To push the boundaries of what a normal music event in Bristol is like.

The Band

‘DOLL STATE are a new 'electro'fying Bristol band. Formed from past musical encounters, they possess a fresh and spontaneous approach to their creative work. Passionate about original music and that moment when all experimental elements fall into place, Doll State truly thrive and ride the creative process, continuously pushing themselves to the limit.

With a love for hip hop beats, curious electronics, dirty bass lines and cranky blues, the thought provoking lyrics, grouped with jazzy sax tones and soulful vocals create a captivating collaboration. Some may say Doll State are the new Bristol sound. By taking influence from all creative means around them Doll State have built their own sound and will create an atmosphere, grab your attention and leave an imprint.’ – from Facebook.

The Performers

There are a varied range of performers, each bringing their unique talent and enthusiasm to the creative process, from aerialists to fire performers and everything in between. With a cast of 15 performers, a complete world will be created from the second the audience enters the building, incorporating each performer’s skill in response to Doll State’s music. As typifies Creative Carnival’s ethos an open call was sent out to a variety of mailing lists and websites, and everyone who has shown an interest will been included.

The Venue

The Island has kindly agreed to host both the event and the five workshops leading up to it.


March 10th
March 17th
April 7th
April 14th
April 28th

Performance Dates: May 3rd, 4th, 5th May.

Web Links

This project: http://creativecarnival.wix.com/dollhouse

Photos from previous events: http://creativecarnival.webs.com/apps/photos

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Carnival