Spoon Fed No. 6
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Artist meets Curator :: Charlotte Hetherington

Artist meets Curator is a new collaborative project started by Charlotte Hetherington and Gemma Wright, who share a passion to bring together Bristol based artists and curators in temporary projects, throughout the city. Bristol offers a strong, supportive network for artists, as a new partnership we wish to expand on this and provide a platform for young people to learn about exhibition planning and production, to work alongside artists and curators from idea to completion.

The first exhibition opens on 25th April in the Edwardian Toilets on Park Row.
Featuring Bristol based artist and one half of Artist meets Curator, Gemma Wright. As a printmaker she investigates the relationship between image and object, hidden spaces and movement, often referring to cityscapes, architecture and dystopian ideas, Gemma uses close-up details of images to create 3D structures and animations.

As part of this exhibition Artist meets Curator have invited Holly Corfield Carr, a young writer based in Bristol to produce a new piece of work which will form part of the opening evening.

Spoon Fed Proposal:
Artist meets Curator not only wants to show support to artists via exhibition opportunities, we also want to be able to offer financial support. We’d like to put of money where our mouths are!

Holly is a fantastic new writer whom we think deserves a platform to showcase her talent. On the night of spoon fed, Holly will sing for her supper and your lovely cash – so to speak…

What we’ll spend the money on:
The majority of the money will go to Holly as an artist’s fee. We would also like to be able to print some promotional material, posters, flyers etc.