Spoon Fed No. 6
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I didn’t see you there :: Anne Deeming

In November 2012 I was selected by Bristol based organisation Hand in Glove to produce new work for the public realm - a project I’ve called “I didn’t see you there”. The work has started already and will be presented in June 2013. I’ve just graduated from MA Fine Art at Bath and this is my first paid commission.

For the project I’ve proposed to site my sculptural works on existing “street furniture” - lamp posts, bike racks and benches, all in Bristol. I’m interested in transitional public spaces and the journey; the grey or undefined areas in which we all just pass through on a daily basis and perhaps don’t closely observe.

The background to my practice has informed this choice of sites. My reference material for works are photographs – taken of things I see on the street - litter, recycling, abandoned furniture; or items in buildings connected to larger systems – switches, handles, thermostats. Alongside this, I research existing domestic or industrial objects and then pull all these attributes together to form new prototype, hybrid objects, using casting as the technique to reproduce large quantities of each item. When offered this opportunity with HIG I knew that I wanted to return newly made items to the streets that continue to inspire my work. The objects I design and make look familiar and usable in some way – and yet are not. Their features can trigger an association, a memory; of something you have used or seen before.

The exact sites around Bristol are still to be finalised but it is intended that as people will accidently come across the works they will have a different relationship with the “found” objects than to a sculpture viewed in a more traditional art environment. I’m researching sites around Temple Meads and the commuter routes into town - I’m interested in how my sculptural objects could be a disruption, an unlikely encounter that anybody can see.

The project budget is small so I am looking to raise money for materials in order to widen the scope of the project. With HIG I’m thinking about (top secret!!) guerrilla style marketing tactics that surprise people or inspire a curiosity about the works and their locations and ensure people can engage with the project.

In terms of materials, I’m intending to use Jesmonite (a durable plaster-like substance which can be used outside, can be strongly pigmented and has resin like properties when cured) and silicone (usually used for mould making but a great sculptural material in its own right – it comes in pink, white or clear). These materials are expensive (Jesmonite is £75/ 25kg and Silicone is £278/ 25kg) and I will need quantities that allow for experimentation as well as production of the final finished pieces for multiple sites around Bristol. Spoon Fed money would enable me to buy enough of each material so that I can do more testing and potentially make more objects/place them at more sites around Bristol for more people to encounter.