Spoon Fed No. 5
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Flamingo Inn :: Paula Benvegnu

I´m Paula, an argentinian art director now based in Swansea for a short term..I´ve been living in Madrid where I did a master in product design and when I moved to Barcelona I set up an art/design studio where we`ve done all sort of projects. I take the most out of the places I go, and here in Wales I´m focusing on making a series of screen printings...I found a small but incredible workshop run by volunteers (nice ladies with their dogs) with good tools and everything I need to do all the process..I go with my pendrive with the designs and leave with the prints under my arm :)

I design, do all the process and print myself in top quality paper 50 x 70 cm with water based non solvent inks a limited edition then signed and numbered.

I managed to make the first series but could print only a few copies of each design and I would love to keep going with this project, I think is good! every session in the workshop (3h hours) including all the process, paper and inks is about 25 pounds (I´m working much faster now so I can fit one entirely design in one session), and it´s becoming a bit complicated to afford it...to make a series of 6 screen prints I need at least 6 or 7 sessions, so the money would be really helpful to cover the costs and keep making more and better work. I pushed really hard these first prints and they will be exhibit in a gallery in the new year, as well as they re in a couple of shops and I was part of a lively Christmas fair last saturday in Bristol...I have the energy, the workshop and the ideas, just need a hand!

I´ll be here until march, so´d be amazing to receive a bit of help