Spoon Fed No. 5
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The Light Box Series: Wednesday Windows :: The Parlour Showrooms

The Parlour Showrooms won £165 at Spoon Fed No. 5 to support their Lightbox Series: Wednesday Windows, which ran throughout January 2013. They came along to Spoon Fed No. 6 and shared this video of the events with us.

First of all, The Parlour Showrooms are two empty shops on College Green that where opened up for creative use by Capacity Bristol. We, The Showroom Projects ltd, have been running these spaces since june 2012. We have a rolling programme of art exhibitions and community events and are now planning to develop a regular live performance programme in 2013.

We wish to begin this development by trailing The Light Box Series: Wednesday Windows in Jan 2013. The Light Box Series: Wednesday Windows is simply every Wednesday between 5.30pm and 7.30pm (to catch people after work) a performer/performers/or film will be in the shop window of the small room. Performer Brenda Waite did this in September, it was very beautiful as the shops create a light box and passers by are just captivated by it, the response from the public was very positive.

For our trial run we have already programmed one performance and one film screening for the run and will search for a third, to make a three week series. The objective is to surprise and delight the passing public of park street, an intervention into the usual commercial emphasis of this area. We are blessed with some brilliant spaces and feel this would be a beneficial and inventive programme that will raise awareness of the The Parlour Showrooms, create an exciting brief for performers and bring some sparkle to the january month.

We would like some funding to go towards marketing (print some flyers and spread the word about the idea) but mainly it will be for artists fees (it would be brilliant for the artists to get any contribution for their creative thought and performance time).

During this trial run we can collect some documentation and artists and audience feedback to then build funding applications for the development of the idea as a whole.