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Love, Loss and Renewal :: Fiona Campbell

I plan to develop an installation of sculptural work for a large indoor exhibition space, based on the theme Love, Loss and Renewal, the human condition and nature’s cycles.

A large black 3d shape (aprx 1.5 metres) dominates, floating/suspended in space towards the back of the room, set against white. A play on positive/negative space, it would appear a black hole until closer inspection. The stretched, but wavy wire lines supporting it in all directions would seem like cracks. Another part of the room would appear empty and white, until you reach it’s solid form and would have to navigate round it. The amorphous black shape is ominous. It threatens comfort and harmony. It is loss, danger, death, the grit of life, abandonment, rage pushed back to the edges of one’s consciousness. An abstract bird/seal-like form, dead, flat, un-textured. Possibly tar and black pigment or latex over chicken wire.

Standing in another area of the room, stretching upwards are aprx 5 tall, elongated, vertical structures, some reaching 3-4metres in height. Wrapped/unraveling, cocooned, woven, bound, emerging, rising. One vaguely dancing. Some have roots, some may not seem balanced, defying gravity. A couple would rise from fine points - anthropomorphic, organic, amorphous. 3 other coiled forms some distance away would seem to be crouching. These are all in states of renewal, love, new life, rebirth, change, growth, endeavour, determination, survival, persistence, joy, stretching heavenwards to the energy source. Suggesting cycles of life - physical, mental and emotional. Creation, vitalism, organogenesis. Made of steel rod (mainly recycled), copper wires, found materials eg. twine etc. Rusty/red coloured, with some dark parts.

Small doodles painted fluidly with earth, like a pattern of hieroglyphs, dance on a section of wall. These echo 3d shapes, which will be falling (suspended), like autumn leaves, in front. Some embryonic, with wire veins. The smallest forms could be made out of braces. Teeth falling out. These refer to insecurities, fear of loss, aging, change, menopause... Also, fleeting thoughts lost in the wind, and new ones forming. Some shapes almost black, some turning to autumn colours, some quite pale, almost transparent. Could be suspended with fishing tackle. Figures/creatures/plant forms - all and none. Evolution of a sort... Metamorphosis...

Some wispy hangings dangle almost to the floor. Twine, thin wires etc... Remnants, growths, the past.

On a separate wall (in another room) a couple of large growths creep across. Lichen-type pieces. Wild ramblings in wire and found materials, some intricately constructed. Nothing else in the space.

The installation is an experience for all the senses. A walk-through, where one is touched, surprised, clambers, inspects, sees beauty, pain, raw energy and delicate, labour-intensive work. The forms are curiously homogonous. An alternative Utopian future. Lighting and shadows play a large part in the overall effect.

There is narrative, but the impact is the whole composition - visually arresting, musical, lyrical, primal, ethereal, dream-like.

I require funding to enable the idea to come alive. I am currently seeking a venue and have various possibles in the South West. The exhibition is not designed to be a selling one, so the money would go towards materials, particularly large amounts of steel and wire. Despite some components being retrieved, most still have to be purchased - even from scrapyards.

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