Spoon Fed No. 5
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Installation at Limbo Art Centre, Margate :: Christopher Box

The project
In February 2013 I am building an installation at Limbo Art Centre in Margate. I am building the piece in the time frame of a week and am organising a critique on completion of the build. I am documenting the work and the critique in the form of photographs and video. The work will respond to the existing architectural elements of the building. Focusing on the stud walls that have been built around the perimeter of the project space and looking to create another space between the stud wall and my wall. I intend to reverse the facade of the wall so that the stud work is exposed and various features such as light switches are seen from the reverse. Light will be emitted through these exposed areas in the wall and the various joins between the boards that form it. I hope to use the scale of the building to broaden my practice by allowing me to respond to a site within the context of my practice.

How I would use the money
If I was to win the money I would put all of it towards the cost of renting the old sub power station project space which would give me time to realise the installation. The cost of materials for the build has been covered and transport and accommodation has already been arranged. The scale and the ambition of such a project incurs obvious financial costs and the spoon fed funds would allow me to achieve a project off campus in my final year of study on my undergraduate course in Fine Art.