Spoon Fed No. 5
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Gummo the Musical :: Table Scraps and Bristol Diving School

Produced and directed by Table Scraps
Commissioned by Bristol Diving School

At 9:30pm on the 20t h April 2012 in the RAFA Club, Aberystwyth: the credits of Harmony Korine’s Gummo finished running up a pale patchwork curtain, rags stapled together,... (a) new band: Dead Man, Missing Man played improvised doom; three girls wearing black leggings and electrical tape over their nipples – carved the curtain down with knifes, revealing a young naked man eating a high-piled plate of spaghetti, being washed in a bath of coffee...Korine’s film had finished and the initial staging of my adaptation of it as Gummo the Musical began.
Solomon Edwards (2012)

The Project
Gummo the Musical is a live embodiment of Harmony Korine’s 1997 masterpiece. May 13th 2011; the audience saw a lucha-masked wrestler fighting a chair, with live original soundtrack by the band Son Capson. The culmination of a series of live performances led to the first evening devoted to Gummo the Musical, a staging in the ambient cabaret style of Table Scraps’ previous events. This convergence of live art performance, musicianship and immersive installation has led Bristol Diving School to commission Table Scraps to collaborate and develop Gummo the Musical for a Bristol audience in February 2013.

Gummo the Musical confronts the audience with a bombardment of nihilistic terror. It blurs the lines between live art, performance and theatre, questioning the audiences’ position as a contributor to entertainment, bringing often-mediated content into ‘real life’ - an ambitious
and truly immersive production.

Bristol Diving School
Bristol Diving School is the name of a building where an artist collective was formed in 2009. The initial objective of the project was to erase the individual authorship of an artwork through negotiation between those collaborating in its conception and production.

Bristol Diving School was adopted as the overarching name for a project, which recognised platform for presenting and testing the limits of collaborative art. The project operates both onsite and offsite, operating both nationally and internationally.

Gummo the Musical provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration as well as aiding promotion and development of individuals and a multitude of organisations. Both Table Scraps and Bristol Diving School currently receive no external funding.

The Money
We are proposing for Spoon Fed contributions to go towards travel expenses in order to
involve collaborators from outside of Bristol. This would allow us to invest in the best available
talent and expertise available, expanding the potential for Gummo the Musical.

Crying from Gummo the Musical