Spoon Fed No. 4
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Good food and working collaboratively :: Sophie, Fanny, Myrna & Bethan

We are four graphic design students currently in our 3rd year at UWE, Bristol. We share a love and passion for good food and working collaboratively.

The concept of forming our collective is to bring together creative people with different skills and backgrounds in a social environment. Gathering people around a table to share a meal and initiating discussions about collaboration for current projects and future ideas.

We have previously held evenings amongst friends where people bring along food to share and work to discuss. But the ultimate idea of our collective is to expand and branch out to like minded people also interested in sharing their ideas and a meal. We would use the donated money to initiate an event that would invite new possible members. This would include marketing the event, funding a space and providing food for the guests. This event is to encourage people to connect and ideally carry on with what we have started.

We would encourage people to document and publish their meetings, meals and collaborations on an online platform where discussion and plans for future meetings are also available. Potentially leading to collaborative outcomes such as exhibitions, events and publications to share our experiences.

The images below are of great food we have shared.

Sophie, Fanny, Myrna & Bethan