Spoon Fed No. 4
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My ongoing development as a designer :: Hannah Jones

I'm a Graphic Design student studying via distance learning and I’m on a very minimal wage through sporadic temping work, the only kind suitable due to the intense hours involved in completing my course. I’ve had difficulty with the amount of resources available to me, both financially and physically, since the start of my course due to not entering a physical University building or being eligible for government student or hardship funding. But now it is becoming all the more obvious since increasing the level of my self promotion and putting myself out there for work experience and/or placements, which must be gained independently given there is no in-built provision for placements in my courses structure.

My aim is to increase the level at which I can produce professional standard work so that I can begin to enter more national competitions and begin freelancing to raise my profile. I am currently very limited in my ability to print at a good standard to test my work sufficiently and my income severely limits my ability to get printing outsourced. I’m also incredibly focussed in terms of skill development and currently rely on my art background, natural eye for design and online tutorials to further my Creative Suite knowledge. Any additional software that could further open doors for my skillset and allow me to marry my drawing and design skills more successfully, in order to embed further my own distinct style of design, is incredibly valuable to me to ensure a successful career.

So in order to fund what I consider the next step in developing myself as an ongoing life project I would like to propose the following monetary specifics:

£17 for the entry of the 2013 D&AD Student Awards
£35 for the entry of the 2013 ISTD Student Assessment
£50 for Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6 software
£54 to enable me to have my digital (pdf) portfolio printed professionally as a physical A3 copy
£100 towards the cost of a printer that would enable me to test print design work and print high quality at A3 for myself on an ongoing basis

My current path is involving a huge career change in order to pursue a design based career to fulfill myself creatively and hope that my proposal is of interest as something that is worthwhile helping to fund. Although my proposal appears broad, I consider my specifics to be the means by which to accomplish a successful D&AD Student Awards entry which would greatly assist my future opportunities as a designer.