Spoon Fed No. 4
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All's Well That Ends Well :: Gentleman Jack

We're a relatively new company -founded this time last year- but our two shows to date have received increasing recognition and good reviews. More information about Gentleman Jack Theatre can be found on our website and reviews from previous shows can be found here.

We create immersive performances of classic texts and our next production will be All's Well That Ends Well, running from the 27th November - 8th December at the Unitarian Chapel on Brunswick Square. We have cast the show and the rehearsal period will be from mid October.

The company works on a profit-share basis at present. This means we have a limited budget to achieve our vision for All’s Well and are looking for funds to assist with the creation of our set. Our productions do not take place in theatre spaces which means we tailor the set to our chosen venue, making the most of the idiosyncrasies the location offers.

For this production there are 3 main elements of the set design we are seeking additional funding for:

1. The hire of three staging blocks to create levels for both actors to use and audience to sit on.

2. The play is set in two locations- France and Italy- and we wish to create a visual divide representing the Alps using wooden ladders. These would be moved to introduce new locations to the audience and are also used by actors to create a compelling Brechtian / Complicite style sequence representative of crossing the Alps. We will need at least 6 ladders to achieve this. The ladders are one of the most important elements of our production as they allow us to use the height of the venue in addition to the floorspace thus maximising the use of a small space.

3. Umbrellas are a recurring visual theme in the play and are used by actors to hide /reveal characters, enclose scenes and aid visual recognition for the audience with red umbrellas for France and blue for Italy. For the effect to work we need around twenty umbrellas.

How Much?
After preliminary research we have drawn up expected costs of the items we require which include Wooden ladders, Umbrellas and Staging blocks at a total cost of £260. Budget breakdown below.

Funding from Spoon Fed would allow us to purchase the various elements of the set in late October/early November which would give us valuable time to explore, devise and rehearse with the cast. The set is vital in achieving the strong, visual aim for this production- it will add to the overall style of the piece and provide a compelling physical aspect to the show. Our productions are known for being dynamic, fast-paced and fun and the addition of ladders, umbrellas and staging would guarantee All’s Well That Ends well is equally- if not more- exciting for the audience .