Spoon Fed No. 4
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Music Video :: EXPENSIVE

Describe your project: Our new band EXPENSIVE are gathering momentum very quickly. Having started playing in June 2012 we have already written enough material to release an EP and have played at some high-profile gigs. We've been writing songs together in a very collaborative way that feels unique to all of us, and very positive. The general reaction to our music has been really good.

We'd like to make a music video for one of our songs that is high-quality, distinctive and fun. Making such a video would raise our profile, and allow us to build on our DIY roots and pull in a diverse audience. As our sound includes elements of mainstream pop and RnB, yet our aesthetic and approach are quite lo-fi, I think we have the ability to transcend certain genre barriers, appeal to a broad cross-section and even create new interest in DIY music scenes around the country.

The concept for the video involves a single woman, wearing clothes entirely covered in gold sequins, dancing a specially choreographed dance on the stage of a large, empty theatre. The dancer is one of my friends who loves to dance but, working full-time, doesn't get the chance to show off her skills very often. Being involved in this project and choreographing her own dance would be a very empowering experience for her and would, equally importantly, look incredible.

The camera will be at the back of the stage facing out, with Elsie back-lit by the stage lights. As a band we will be standing in amongst the empty seats, playing the music she dances to.

How would you use the money, bearing in mind the amount can vary?
We have managed to secure a cast, crew, director and HD cameras through friends and favours. The only cost involved will be the hire of the theatre space which, depending on choice of venue, could cost a fair amount.

We already have £150 saved from recent gigs. We would use this plus the Spoon Fed funding to hire the space and the accompanying technician needed to control the lighting rig.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
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