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My Photography Teacher and I :: The Black and White Theatre Company

Describe your project:
We are a new Bristol-based theatre company currently working on our first show, My Photography Teacher and I, which was written by company co-founder Marta Pacini, and will be directed by the other co-founder, George Millman. The play is highly creative, uses photography extensively and deals with issues relevant to young people, such as relationships, family and sexuality.

Within the traditional form of drama, this show will explore the use of photography as a means of enriching and complementing stage action. Another original feature of this play is the fact that the main character, Alex, will played by two actors at the same time: one will engage in the action, but will not speak, whilst the speaking will be done by the other actor, who will sit at a desk and also act as a narrator. This innovative device has been adopted to represent the fact that Alex, a teenager with a difficult family life and whose survival strategy consists in isolating himself from the world and neglecting his human relationships, cannot ‘find his voice’ and find a way of escaping this difficult, painful situation. Photography is his only passion, all he cares for and the only way he finds to express himself: meeting young photography teacher Gary Wright will give Alex the answer and help him to find his inner voice – in a new, shocking, unprejudiced way.

The presence of a narrator, who often interrupts the narrative to comment on the characters and the action, will also allow for a critique of the ongoing stage action, a device intended to prompt the audience to react actively to this moving, thought-provoking, controversial drama.

Two young, enthusiastic theatre-makers, we chose the name The Black and White Theatre Company in order to reflect our desire for a way of making theatre that says things clearly and plainly, as they are – just like a black and white photograph.

How would you use the money, bearing in mind the amount can vary?:

Flyers: £54 (1000 A5 flyers)
Posters: £37 (30 A3 posters)
Programmes: £86 (500 folded leaflets)
Tickets: £20 (50 tickets, to be re-used)

Projector (1 week): £500
Props: £100

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
We are a really enthusiastic and dedicated new company who would really benefit from your investment, so please consider us!