Spoon Fed No. 4
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Project Pop-up Puppet :: Becca Rose

I am developing a responsive pop-up-puppet book. I am an illustrator and puppeteer, and I make visual stories using ink, paper and puppetry. Part of my creative practice is dedicated to working with community groups.

Over the past two years I have developed a literacy project in primary schools across North Bristol. The project helps to engage young people in books they are reading, using shadow puppetry and film. Through the workshops, children develop a tactile and performance-based understanding of a story. This enhances their reading and engagement in the book (and is truly magical and lots of fun!).

Earlier this year, I began to explore how to re-create the responses we had in the literacy project, but in a more intimate way and without a facilitator. In other words: in a book.

I started to play around with shadow puppetry on a smaller scale, and I created tactile, responsive, magical-mini-theatres. The idea has evolved into an environmentally responsive (all dancing) shadow-pop-up-puppet book!

I have made various prototypes and tested ways of making this happen. This includes using an Arduino, circuits, and LEDs. I am now at a stage where I can create a prototype for a storybook. This will be a very simple story, beautifully crafted out of paper, using conductive ink and muscle wire. It will serve as key part in the future development of the project.

The book will be made using illustrated circuits and muscle wire. The money raised at Spoon-fed would be used to buy materials: conductive ink, flexinol wire, batteries, and components; and also technical expertise -all of which are expensive but vital!

More info www.beccarose.co.uk