Spoon Fed No. 4
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The Islanders :: Amy Mason

Project description:
The Islanders is a mixed form piece of theatre made using using music, projection and spoken word to explore the teenage relationship between writer/performer Amy Mason and musician Eddie Argos (front-man Art Brut).

Written and performed by both of them, along with folk-musician Jim Moray, the piece is a unusual and funny piece evoking first-love, told via an account of a trip the (then) couple made to the Isle of Wight in the late nineties.

It was first performed at Bristol Ferment, the new writing festival at Bristol Old Vic, this July.

Sharon Clark (Literay Producer at Bristol Old Vic) descibed it as, 'whimsical, quirky and poignant, (The Islanders) it is a beautifully expressed portrait of teenage first love for two young people living on the fringes of society.'

How I would use the money, bearing in mind the amount can vary:
Bristol Old Vic have expressed an interest in developing the piece which is incredibly exciting. They have offered cash support by paying for director to help us develop the piece for one week in November. They have also offered extensive in-kind support in the form of help with the script, free rehearsal space, and marketing.

However, as Eddie Argos currently lives in Berlin, we will need money for his flight. Which is where the Spoon Fed grant would go.

Any extra money would go on any additonal expenses incurred during the week's rehearsal.