Spoon Fed No.3
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You're Doing It Right :: Mr Ydir

My project is to make the world a bit of a better place by saying well done to people who are doing a great job. The internet (and world) is full of people moaning about their bad experiences, but I want to highlight people who are doing a great job, whether it is someone doing something for charity or simply providing great service in a restaurant or supermarket.

So far I have been highlighting fantastic people by blogging about them on www.youredoingitright.com. I encourage people to nominate others, but as my following is currently small they are mostly people I have stumble across myself. I write a bit about them/their project and give them an YDIR award, which at the moment is just a mention on the site and a tweet.

In order to get some more attention, and to show appreciation for what a great job people are doing I want to give people more than a YDIR, something physical that they can hold and show others. I have been thinking about pin badges, cards, or maybe something a bit more unusual like a custom YDIR biscuit! (I am currently waiting for a quote from biscuiteers.com as I they look like they do a good job)

Another way I am looking to promote the YDIR concept of saying thank you to people who are doing it right, is by creating and distributing business cards, which say well done for doing a great job. I would send out packs of cards to anyone who asks (and perhaps to some journalists and people with a public profile) and encourage people to pass them on to people doing it right. The cards would encourage those who received them to visit youredoingitright.com and share why they received the card and how they felt when someone said thank you for doing a great job.

As well as simply saying well done to people who are doing a great job I want to develop YDIR into a social enterprise that encourages and helps people have a positive impact on their bit of the world. I am interested in bringing together people with good ideas with creative people, who can mutually benefit from making projects stand out. I would see it as a bit like a record label for good ideas, where groups could form and grow, sharing the established contacts in the creative world, until they are big and stable enough to run themselves.

I would use the money to cover the costs involved in making and distributing the business cards and to start the ball rolling on making YDIR awards something more physical.

You can see my past (and current) work on www.youredoingitright.com and by following me on twitter @Mr_Ydir.