Spoon Fed No.3
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Deer Stalker :: Team Beak

Team Beak: is a fledgling not-for-profit collective, focused on the creation of street games that bring folk tales to life and celebrate historic British customs. Each game has a ‘Mary Poppins twist’, with key characters taking the form of quick-witted birds. Team Beak is currently in the process of developing it’s second game, Deer Stalker, based on the true story of English highwayman Dick Turpin.

Deer Stalker game synopsis: The year is 1733. Roguish villain Chick Turpin, notorious for deer thievery and highway robbery, has captured the Queen’s prize Stag. A handsome reward is offered for it’s safe return. Can you out-run Chick Turpin, rescue the stag, and recover hoards of stolen booty along the way?

This thrilling treasure hunt, tag team, relay race chase, casts players as 18th century villagers with good noses for hunting and an ability to run (almost) like the wind. But will village heroes become villainous crooks? The choice is yours, share the booty with your team, or head for the grand reward alone…

Deer Stalker will: premiere at PlayARK in Cardiff on 7th July. PlayARK is a festival of “unusual games that swap the running track for the streets, the baton for the mobile phone and the bike for the spacehopper, making every space in the city your very own playground”. Later this year, Deer Stalker will also be a part of the fringe games at Bristol’s Interesting Games Festival, Igfest.

In its first two festival outings, Deer Stalker has potential to reach and enrich the lives of almost 200 people. Team Beak hope to tour the game further, to festivals such as Manchester’s Larkin About and (in a dream scenario), Come Out and Play, New York.

The money would: go towards the purchase of props and costumes. PlayARK (a free festival with very little funding), will cover travel expenses, and we already have some props (gazebo, bunting and highwayman shirt and cape) lent in kind, but any additional funds we can raise will help to buy:

Treasure: Both plastic and chocolate gold coins: £20
Treasure receptacles: Piggy banks: £20
Stag: £5
Music: Maypole and village folk tunes: £7.99
Megaphone: £30
Posters: £10
Six Celebratory Prizes: £60
Three Booby Prizes: 3x turnips: £3

The Town Crier: Hat and cape: £15
The Queen: Dress and crown: £15
Chick Turpin: Hat: £5
Villagers (players): Hessian sacks and twine: £25

We’d be delighted to pitch Deer Stalker at Spoon Fed, and hope its audience will help us make the game a truly brilliant experience.

Deer Stalker promo poster: