Spoon Fed No.2
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The Guild of Cheesemakers :: Stand + Stare Collective

Stand + Stare create immersive theatre in which their audiences play an active part. They are committed to writing new stories and enjoy collaborating with a broad spectrum of artists from different disciplines to create large-scale site-specific shows, small intimate pieces and commercial commissions.

The Guild of Cheesemakers is a fine wine and artisan cheese tasting that leads you to question the essence of life.

Guest cheese producers and wine experts introduce you to a selection of artisan cheeses, wines and breads until the mystery of a supernatural cheese is uncovered.
The captivating 198th cheese in The Book of Curds leads you to make a collective decision that could alter humanity forever.

“…beguiling, thought-provoking and, of course, tasty experience…”
Exeunt Magazine ****

We are very excited to be taking The Guild of Cheesemakers to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have managed to secure a wonderful venue called Summerhall, which will be hosting the show for five nights in August. www.summerhall.co.uk

Taking this show to Edinburgh is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our work on an international platform and we appeal to you to help make this possible.

We will use this money to get us to Edinburgh. It’s a long old way and, whichever way you look at it, getting all eight of us there and back is going to be a costly endeavor. Luckily, we have been blessed with the kind support of Fairgame Theatre, who have offered to lend us their van. This is amazing, and now all we need is money for fuel (for the van plus one car, as we won’t all fit) and temporary insurance for the van.

Everyone is on board for the love of it and we all feel it is the right time to go for it. We have a bit in the pot for our accommodation and some towards food for the week, so a contribution to get us on that high road would be just what we need to make this a reality.

Photographs by Paul Blakemore: