Spoon Fed No.2
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Exhibition at The Point in Eastleigh and Bristol Free Equipment Company :: Shaun Badham

I would use the money to buy a HD projector for two reasons.

I am a young artist currently dealing with video and sculpture. During education I had availability of vast amounts of equipment such as projectors/monitors/speakers etc. My practice naturally developed and so did my use of equipment. Having finished a BA I don’t wish to change my practice due to a lack of equipment, or not being able to afford the hire costs for equipment and I am aware I am not the only artist encountering this problem.

My work has been noticed by a gallery called The Point in Southampton and they wish to present a piece of work which consists of a projector and 16 sculptural silhouettes. This exhibition would be a great opportunity to kick start my career as they are interested in finding me more exhibitions and wish to sell my work in the future. I would use the projector for this exhibition.

Secondly and possibly more importantly I wish to create a company titled Bristol Free Equipment, where I would hire out equipment for free and offer myself as a technician. I have been collecting equipment for the last three years, which I believe could be utilised by other fellow artists within Bristol. I would like to hire out my own equipment and the new projector (which I would buy with the Spoon Fed money). I would hire out to fellow artist, in the same situation as myself who are struggling to deal with hire costs from galleries for equipment such as projectors, (averagely are hired at 150 – 250 pounds a week).

So far I have two black monitors, DVD players, av and appropriate leads, microphones, amps, music instruments, extension leads, and adding a projector into this mix would be beneficial, and help me kick start this great company.

I have found a projector reduced from £1,227 to £700, even though I still have a large amount of money to save up for, if awarded the Spoon Fed money it would be a grand contribution to purchasing this projector which would help kick start my own career, but also support other artists, exhibitions and events in Bristol. Your money would not just be used for myself but also many other artists that could use the projectors in the future for free which would support an array of exhibitions and events.

If not awarded the money, I still intend to create this company, a fully functioning website will be available, promotion and my aim is to be up and running and hiring equipment for free to artists by August/September 2012.

A full business plan has been written so more detailed information such as security of equipment, instalment, safety, deposits, have all been taken into consideration. If allowed to pitch at Spoon Fed a full business plan will be brought with me so questions can be answered.