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Platform 2012 :: Hand in Glove

About Platform 2012
Platform 2012 is a group exhibition curated by Hand in Glove, opening on 20th July at Bristol Diving School (new.bristoldivingschool.net), which will showcase work from a selection of 2012 art graduates from University of the West of England, Bristol, Bath Spa University and University of Wales, Newport. Platform 2012 will present a selection of high quality work, curated specifically to reveal the concerns of an exciting new generation of artists, drawing out intriguing links across disciplines, whilst encouraging collaboration between the regions. A peer-critique with the artists will also be delivered alongside the exhibition, with the aim of contextualising the work on show in an open dialogue with the public and allowing further opportunity for the artists to critically reflect on and evaluate their contribution.

Platform is a unique and evolving initiative, with previous successful iterations in 2009 and 2010. Previous participants have gone on to exhibit widely and become more embedded in the Bristol art community. 2010 artist Vickie Fear has also gone on to join Hand in Glove as a core member.

Platform Commission
One outstanding artist from Platform 2012 who demonstrates a commitment to developing their artistic practice will be selected to develop new work for their first solo exhibition, to be held at Motorcade/Flash Parade gallery in Bristol (www.motorcadeflashparade.com), in February 2013.

What we will spend this money on
MDF boards&white paint to finish the gallery walls ready to hang work on, £60
Transport of work from Bath&Newport, £50
Exhibition vinyl, £40
Professional documentation of the exhibition, £60
Travel expenses for artists from Newport and Bath, £80

About Hand in Glove
Hand in Glove (handinglovebristol.blogspot.co.uk) is an evolving group of artists and curators based in Bristol. Founded in 2009, our aim is to bring emerging artistic talent to the fore, creating a platform for artists at a crucial stage in the development of their careers. We are interested in collaborating with artists, mainly in South West of England and South Wales who work across a range of disciplines to develop and present artwork with a focus on process, dialogue and exchange.

We organise and support a range of events and exhibitions, produced in a variety of contexts, such as busy bars, vacant shops, urban streets and other public venues. This nomadic working method allows for flexibility and diversity in the projects we produce as well as the opportunity for Hand in Glove to engage with a range of locations and curatorial approaches.

The core members of Hand in Glove are currently Leela Clarke, Vickie Fear, Dominique Hill and Cara Lockley.