Spoon Fed No.3
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Purchase of beveling & cutting machinery :: Barry

My business involves using cutting edge media such as acrylic & frosted etch to create unique design artwork.I Intend to produce digital quality traslucent colour graphics on printable frosted vinyl pre-cut according exact specifications to apply to acrylic. After researching new large format printing technologies, I've discovered the fact that it is now possible to print colour to a variety of frosted etch vinyls.

For years we've only ever had frosted vinyl cut into patterns & applied to glass/ acrylic/ perspex surfaces as either a design feature or for privacy and security. I can convert Custom size glass / acrylic / perspex surface easily and quickly into a dancing light show. Making your images appear part of the glass, creating lively' exciting or relaxing displays for stained glass effect, backgrounds or as a visual communication tool.

A favourite family photo can be turned into a unique personalised piece of art. Acrylic, foamex, & Canvases can be made in all shapes and sizes to fit in any obscure location.

Digitally printing to various vinyls & mixing media to create dynamic translucent vibrant effects. Editing photos and pictures & turning them into into modern contemporary designs, I can also edit an image or picture unique to you, in a particular favoured style ie cartoon, subject, colour scheme or media.Having images printed on glass allows you to uniquely display pictures of your loved ones, holidays, or pets for everyone to admire.

The benefits of retro-fitting graphics are immense and are significantly cheaper than printing directly onto glass. Glass etching/printing at a fraction of the price and a cost effective alternative to blinds & authentic stained glass. The options are unlimited. At a later date, should the customer wish to change the designs on your glass, the prints can be removed and replaced. Self-adhesive vinyl window film is quickly becoming recognised as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional etched & stained glass.

I am looking for Money to fund the purchase of beveling & cutting machinery for shaping the Acrylic & foamex & Display system.