Spoon Fed No.3
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The Mysteroons are a collaborative curatorial collective from outer space who have temporarily inhabited the terrestrial bodies of the backsideblackhole of The Motorcycle Showroom, Jackson Bateman, Owen Clarke, Robert Perry, and Samuel Playford-Greenwell. The Mysteroons are a collection of terrorist cell units, containing members as of yet still unborn: all bodies are potentially Mysteroons.


The Mysteroons have been invited to take part in this years Supernormal Festival, at Braziers Park, Oxford, taking place over the weekend of August 10th ? 12th, for which they are currently in the process of producing two pieces to be simultaneously exhibited at the site. The first will explore analogue relationships of sound production through the presentation of a cacophonous body of live sculptural/kinetic objects in a work they have called Poolyphoonus Poolyphoony. The second will re-analyse visual-auditory documentation of the artworks presented in the first part of the project as material for digital production; from the initial cacophony will emerge a pop music video, which they’ve dubbed Proocessed Poop.


All artworks have been chosen through a consideration of producing a varied sound range, as well as objects that explore analogue relationships of auditory production conceptually; from a back massager strapped to a wooden chair (an artwork by recent UWE graduate Joseph Ridgeon), to a homemade analogue modular synthesiser by Tom Bugs. These sculptural objects will be presented together on a stage creating a single cacophonous plateau of sound. This stage will be pre-fabricated within The Motorcycle Showroom over the next two weeks so that The Mysteroons can experiment with the curation of the project over the following month and a half leading up to the festival. Christchurch Studios have also bequeathed to The Mysteroons, as a gift in kind, use of their facilities for the production of the Proocessed Poop element of the project.


Artists presenting work within the project:

The Mysteroons have invited Tom Tetley and Euan Dickinson (engineer for Massive Attack) to collaborate in the curation of this project as specialists in sound production.

AAS - Birmingham based artist collective
Mike Ballard - Central Saint Martins
Jackson Bateman - recent UWE graduate
Tom Bugs - Bugbrand (homemade modular synthesisers)
Matt Davies - Spike Associate
Paul Good - Shift studios, London; and the minimal art-rock band Less
Graeme Hogg - The Cube Cinema
Joseph Ridgeon - UWE graduate


The Mysteroons are looking for help with payment of the following two aspects of their project:

To pay for hire of a long wheel based van, and petrol, to transport their pre-fabricated stage, and the larger artworks (including a large fishtank, and possibly an electric eel) to and from the festival.

To pay for travel from Birmingham of four members of AAS to the festival so they can perform a vocal incantation at sunset on the Sunday night of the festival, causing the stage, and all artworks presented thereon, to levitate.