Spoon Fed No.2
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Phil Hession performance :: Phil Owen

I run Tertulia, which is a salon event for people working with or interested in language, but who may come from a range of different disciplinary backgrounds. We tend to focus on experimental practice, and hope to function as a supportive platform for new work. We have been going since April 2010, meet roughly 4 times a year (we usually get about 30 people turning up to our meetings), and are currently supported by Arnolfini and Spike Island Associates.

For the Tertulia coming up this July, we have invited Phil Hession to do a presentation. Phil is from Omagh but currently based in Belfast, and is pretty unusual in being not only both a traditional (folk) singer, as well as an artist, but also as somebody who often combines the two facets of his creative output. This is done predominantly through social and cultural exchanges, often taking the form of interviews or gatherings. These exchanges involve the documentation of song and story, and include teaching and learning traditional Irish song, and re-performing those songs within new contexts.

What I would like a Spoon Fed grant for, please, is to help Phil to do a performance – we want to make his trip to Bristol more worthwhile, besides his just doing a discussion event. We have booked BV studio’s dramatic foyer space, where Phil’s piece will consist of 3 video projections with live song. We have £100 from Arnolfini already, so Phil’s travel and living expenses will be (just about) covered. But we would like some extra money so that we can cover the costs of using BV, borrowing projectors, and possibly some extra tech support.

Phil Hession, 'Blood Drops' Image by Leo Norgren