Spoon Fed No.2
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Bread & Roses :: Julie McCalden

The impetus for this exhibition is an interest in how art, as a shifter of perceptions, is a terrain which can produce subtle alterations in subjectivity and thereby potentially effect social change. An encounter with work that is unusual, surprising or delivered in atypical ways can disrupt our customary behaviours, allowing us to see and think differently.

Employing an ethicoaesthetic approach, the works exhibited in Bread & Roses are being chosen for this potentiality, however unquantifiable. In accepting this immeasurability, the project remains about possibility.

Comprising selected existing works and new works produced by invited artists, many of which share a subtle political undercurrent, Bread & Roses underlies the desire to see the world differently in order to change it. These works will provide a grounding for some of the more poetic pieces in the exhibition.

The show takes its name from a poem penned in 1911 by James Oppenheim, but commonly attributed to a Massachusetts textile strike in 1912 where it was used as a slogan by the women strikers – we want bread, but we want roses too. It succinctly recognises that basic necessities are not enough; Life needs to be worth living too.

This specific funding would go towards covering the following costs:
• Reproducing This Work, a letraset text based work by Kate Pickering - £25
• Reproducing Alex Pearl's Trips to the Moon - £45
• Return of one work special delivery to Orkney - £10
• Professional documentation of the show and individual works - £60
• Materials for building a wall to make a darker space - £100

Should there be anything left over, it would go towards offsetting the delivery of work costs for artists.

Bread & Roses is a development for my own arts practice through a curatorial exploration of the issues I’m concerned with. It also represents the start of instigating more of our own in-house projects at Motorcade/FlashParade, which I co-direct, branching out from our main operations of offering opportunities to artists and facilitating the projects of others. The critique session will provide feedback on the project and allow for a peer exchange opportunity and networking between artists based locally and some of the exhibiting artists.