Spoon Fed No.2
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Another Fine Mess :: Emily Lim and Chris Gylee

Another Fine Mess is a theatrical experiment in wordless, image-based storytelling, supported by Ferment, the Bristol Old Vic's artist development programme. Inspired by Pebble Island, the childhood stories of illustrator Jon McNaught, we want to see what happens when we communicate narrative through a series of atmospheres, landscapes, textures and moments, rather than through dialogue. We don’t want to categorise the style as ‘dance’, ‘theatre’ or even ‘dance-theatre’: we’re not sure yet where it will end up, but we hope it will fall somewhere unexpected between the two. Our simple story explores loss, renewal and the growing friendship between an old woman who collects eggs and a lost child who stumbles into her loneliness.

This is the second collaboration between designer Chris Gylee and director Emily Lim, whose accessible 2010 production of Henry V for Southwark Playhouse played to adult audiences and over 1,500 local primary school children. We will be working as co-imaginers, alongside two performers, a lighting designer and sound designer.

Development begins this April for a first public sharing at July's Ferment festival to public and industry audiences, with the aim of attracting partners, funders and venues for the full version of the piece.

We have so far been awarded £1,500 from Ferment towards our developmental budget, covering 10 rehearsal days with 2 performers, and some days with full creative team (day rate = £40 per day).

We are currently seeking £80 for lighting equipment, and £50 for props. As the piece is purely visual, both lighting and props will play an essential role in our storytelling process.

Lighting costs include: hiring a large piece of gauze, hiring extra lanterns (approx. £15 each), buying coloured gels (approx. £5 each)

Props include: several identical model transit-vans, shopping trolley, replica dead bird, large bag of wood-chip...

Chris is a Bristol-based designer and illustrator. He's designed Hamlet for Jonathan Miller, and makes drawings with old photos. The results of his last Ferment collaboration can be seen in a short film.

Emily is a director. Her latest project brought together over 200 disabled and non-disabled students from China and the UK, and she recently developed work at the National Theatre Studio.

Hilda-Mary is a Sister of the Church, and regularly clowns with The Original Spinners.

Owen is 14, and makes theatre as part of the Bristol Old Vic Young Company.

We're all incredibly excited about working together.

Pebble Island by Jon McNaught