Spoon Fed No.2
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Painting exhibition :: Dominique Hill

I have been planning an installation of paintings at SRT at the end of June. The exhibition I propose will primarily be a painting exhibition, but with the emphasis on its installation. The work will engulf the space as well as the viewer. Having spent quite a lot of time in the tavern I believe that the pub is ideal for my kind of work. Huge canvases will consume the space, crawling along walls and across the bar potentially creeping into the far reaches of the pub, into the unknown. By carefully working within certain set parameters dictated by the pub, such as colour schemes and textures I wish to blur the line between the relationship between the work and the pub itself. The audience will be invited to ignore all prior associations with paintings, no longer set within the ‘white cube’ or behind a frame, they will be able to walk over and inspect the array of paint and fabric that faces them. With this show I hope that the audience will get a unique experience of ‘painting’ and that the work will fulfil my aims of challenging how a space can be used not just to show art, but also how it has an inherent effect on its creation and display.

The major problem I face is funding the material. Although I always recycle all the fabric I use in my work, I do have a vast deficit for this project. If I were to receive any funding I feel I would be able to push this project to its full potential, and possibly even create a piece that I would otherwise be unable to do. Due to the nature of this project, if done ‘half-heartedly’ it won’t work, and as the use of such a building is such a great opportunity for my type of work I want to make the very most of it.