Spoon Fed No.2
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Dowsing for Water :: Azusa Chareteau

We are 3 Bristol based artists organizing an exhibition titled ‘Dowsing for Water’, which will be part of Bristol Biennial in June 2012.

Dowsing is a process where one searches for water as a starting point to excavate. There is no mechanical method but a combination of human intuition and theory. For this exhibition, Alice Vandeleur-Boorer, Azusa Chareteau and Laurie Lax will be examining water using rhythmic cycles, sensory experiences and digital extractions. These three Bristol based artists will be using immersion as a means to evoke the human relationship to water.

Alice Vandeleur-Boorer will create a sculptural installation using running water, pumps, taps and a bathtub. There will be a direct correlation between her installation and Bristol’s tide times.

Azusa Chareteau will be creating a participatory installation, using hanging hula-hoops, blue acetate and lights.

Laurie Lax will spend time actively searching the space for evidence of water, and recording it digitally. Then she will immerse herself in the process of a performative drawing, in whatever appropriate scale, medium or format.

For ‘Dowsing for Water’, we are using an empty shop on Redcliff Hill as an exhibition space. The space used to be a salon, so need to do some work in order to make it suitable for the exhibition.
We are self-funding our individual pieces and all our labor time.

We are looking for funding to help us with the cost of: paint and some boards for the space, to pay utilities bills of the shop, and for our flyer.

We would like to keep the empty shop usage scheme going, as we believe that artists as much as the public and the city benefit from it. We are keen to get the show looking good and keep everyone happy so we can keep on doing exhibitions this way in Bristol.